Whitening for Life with LADD Dental Group

Professional Teeth Whitening | Whitening for Life Program

 🚨⚡️Teeth Whitening for Life for just $79!! 🔥✨ 

In-Office Teeth Whitening System


Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening offered by LADD Dental Group! We are also excited to announce our *Whitening For Life Program that is now running! Give our LADD Dental Group of Greentown office a call today at (765) 628-3770, and learn more about this unprecedented whitening program! *Having In-Office Whitening done with us, qualifies you into our Whitening for Life Program.

Pre-Filled Disposable Whitening Tray System


Another great teeth whitening option we have is our Venus Pre-Filled Disposable Tray System. *Starting today for a sign up fee of $79, you can buy into our Whitening For Life Program and receive a weeks supply of whitening trays twice per year at your six month hygiene re-call appointments. 

Custom Take Home Whitening Tray System

 We have multiple teeth whitening options to best fit the individual needs of our patients. *After the purchase of your custom fit whitening tray system ($102 Per Arch), you can buy into our whitening for life program for an additional $79. That will qualify you for a Free Whitening Gel Syringe at each of your six month hygiene re-call appointments. You will receive 2 Whitening Gel Syringes per year for as long as you stay active in our program. 

Free Whitening for Life Contract & Price Breakdown

* Please See Below for our Whitening for Life Contract and Sign Up Fee Break Down: 

In-Office Teeth Whitening | Whitening for Life Program

 🚨⚡️🎥 In-Office Whitening Treatment with LADD Dental Group! Give us a call today to learn more about this unique program. 

Teeth Whitening for Life | LADD Dental Group

 Teeth Whitening for Life with three different ways to buy into the program! Give us a call today and learn more! 

Teeth Whitening | Pre-Filled Disposable Trays

 🚨⚡️Teeth Whitening for Life!! Give us a call today to learn more! ✨🎥 

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